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Hairtell.com review by Dee-oz, Melbourne

“I have been doing electrolysis for about 9/10 years. I never got any reduction (only some pitting/scarring) – used many different electrologists at home in Ireland and also in Ascot Vale, Keilor East & Brunswick, Melbourne Australia. I then moved on to the Applisonix Selectif Pro.

I did lots of research and it promised many wonderful things. When it wasn’t working very well, I took advice from the distributor and started waxing after the applisonix selectif pro sessions (to get the hairs in anagen phase for next session around). Eventually gave up at the start of August 2011 and reverted back to electrolysis reluctantly.My friend Christine recommended someone here in Melbourne for me. Ghitta was based in the city. Went to her with no faith or confidence in the whole electrolysis process (as the 9/10 years of trying it did nothing for me even though I did everything properly, went regular, no plucking etc etc). I have been going regularly to Ghitta (Melbourne Hair Removal Centre – now based in Coburg) since August last year. It has been a slow but steady process. She was using an older machine for the first few months but now has the Apilus. The Apilus is less painful and my skin reacts much better to it.

I find Ghitta truly brilliant – not only her actual work but her commitment and caring. She will keep trying until she gets it and will not pluck. If the hair does not come out easily after the first zap, she will go back again and again until it does (no plucking happening here). Thankfully the most it takes is 2/3 zaps for the 1 hair (and that usually only the difficult ones). Her attitude is brilliant, she is very persistent, which I love. The last electrologist I went to knew the hair stuff (cycles etc) inside out and upside down but they did not have the commitment/perseverance to go after those niggly blond long hairs. Ghitta always asks what bothers me most and works on that. The results with Ghitta have been very good. Don’t get me wrong there is a long way to go yet (before I sit at a restaurant window in full sunshine with my hair tied up – LOL!) without worrying about my hairs while I talk to somebody across the table. But we are definitely getting there!

The longest I have ever gone without having some form of hair treatment is 5.5 weeks. I just had and appointment today. I had one brown coarse hair this treatment and none last treatment and obviously a few each time before that. However it is the blonde hairs which trouble me as they grow long and I have lots of that dreadful Irish fuzz. However Ghitta has been working on the long blonde hairs too and I have also a noticed a reduction in them. It will be interesting to see where I am in another 6 months. It is so hard to find a good electrologist and my experience is that only about 1/10 are any good. Thankfully I eventually found one.

I would just like to add for those people who may read this post and have bad experiences with electrolysis, keep trying. The problem is that it is very hard to know after only a few sessions. It takes a while. But from my current experiences, I would look for someone with a hygienic office (Ghitta is the first electrologist I ever went to that wears gloves), very persistent and actually asks and cares of the areas that bother you most and also the electrologist who doesn’t just give one zap and remove the hair with the tweezers but who keeps going back until it becomes loose itself. Also an electrologist with an Apilus machine is the only electrologist I would go to now. It is much kinder to my skin (however still marks for about 2 days but better than the previous machines).”

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Hairtell.com review by Dee-oz, Melbourne

“Time for an update. No black/dark hairs in months and months. Now no long hairs(like there used be either). Occasionally I get hairs which are a little bit longer than the rest, but still nowhere near the length they used be. Also I would like to add I now wear my hair up occasionally (just over the last 2/3 months). I still have downy hair but noting like it was.

Over the last 12 years I have tried so many electrologists, and not one but Ghitta (my current electrolygist) has made any improvements for me. This woman is amazing, not only in her skill but also her attitude, she never plucks hair, she may zap it 3\4 times before removing if it is a stubborn one. My hairs are now only blonde, so it may be difficult for her at times but she never says/complains. Her perseverance and attitiude is as good as her skilllevel, which is A++++.

I wish this lady could train up all the previous electrolygists I went to, over the years or even start her own training school so she could teach others how to do it properly. I’m not sure if i was unlucky having to go through so many electrolygists before I found a good one, I dont know. However my experience is that only Ghitta/of approx 10 made any improvements for me. One lady in particular left me with some minor scarring on my chin. If i had to try and make a recommendation to anyone, I would suggest trying a few electrolygists;

(1) seeing if they have the apilus machine (kinder on skin)

(2) and if they zap once and pluck (or go zap and zap until the hair loosens up itself) – only a trial will tell you this.

(3) patience I think is very important, if your electrolygist finds it too difficult to chase the blonde hairs

(4) also I think its very important that the electrolygist asks which areas bother you etc. I am extremely grateful that all is good now. I actually had an appointment tonight and it must have been between 10-12 weeks since my last one. Hairmeout – I was using electrolygists in Sligo and Athlone and none of them were any good. The lady on this website who recommended Ghitta (my current electrolygist) to me is called Christine O’Connell. She said in one of her private messages that there was a great electrolygist in Galway (for when I was visiting Ireland). I never got the name off her, so not sure if its the name listed above. I would recommend contacting Christine (if she still on this website) and finding the name. I know it may be a long journey from Limerick to Galway but if you could book in long sessions with her it may be worth it. Also CareBearHair – not sure if it was me you were referring to about getting laser, but I never got laser on my face, bikini & underarms – yes (but never on face).

Overall the applisonix did not work much for me however it did work on some of the really dark coarse bristle like hairs on my upper lip (no where near to the level it promised) but it did work somewhat on the outer areas above my lip i.e. outer right and left above lips (did no improvement on middle area above lip). For the rest of my face, did nothing. Hope this gives you all a summary of where I am up to… will probably update in another 6-9 months but if you don’t hear from me, that means things are getting better and better (until menopause hits and then it’ll probably be back on every week lol!!) Also Ghitta is based in Coburg, Melbourne if anyone was looking for an electrolygist in Melbourne. ”

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