Find out more about permanent hair removal

Bronwyn, Southbank

“Electrolysis used to be torture, no matter where you had it done. But with Ghitta’s new Apilus machine it’s 80% less painful and the hairs are still zapped forever.”

Dimitra, Keilor

“I would, and have, recommended Ghitta to anyone with an excess hair problem. After years of struggling with excess facial hair, I found the solution with my beauty angel Ghitta. Everyone who I have recommended it to, have been extremely happy with the results.”

Nicole, Fairfield

“Ghitta is a miracle worker. Although I was nervous at first her experienced and calming manner soon put me at ease and the results speak for themselves. She is the best at what she does and I would never go to anyone else.”

Barb, Fitzroy

“Over the past 15 years I’ve tried many different electrolysis therapists around Melbourne and without success. The trouble with most beauty therapists is that they have the attitude that ‘this is the way we do it and you can take it or leave it’. I think most people have a certain level of anxiety about having electrolysis; consequently they need to feel that the therapist cares about their needs and will work to develop a trusting relationship.

After finally giving up on my last therapist who plucked at every session, I went through the phone book, made a list and began ringing. I asked all the questions about the type of electrolysis, sounded them out on having a low pain threshold and how they would deal with that, and as I worked my way through the list I eventually rang Ghitta, hooray!!!

From the very beginning, she has been absolutely fantastic! When I mentioned the low pain threshold, her response was ‘don’t worry, I’ll work with you, everything will be alright’, and it was. I felt immediate trust in her professionalism and the great pride she takes in her work is evident. She loves what she does and it shows! And…now, she’s struggling to find hairs!!! Instead of going in with a crop, I now go in with half a dozen and they’re pretty pathetic specimens.

Ghitta was by far the best operator on the old style electrolysis machine that I’d ever encountered, but this new machine has transformed the whole experience! Ghitta could have just carried on with the old machine providing the same service as everyone else in the industry (but in her hands, 100% better), but she cares about her clients comfort and so paid out for this new machine and has totally transformed the treatment. It’s amazingly fast, mostly pain free (sometimes slight pain in sensitive areas around upper lip, nose, etc. but nothing to worry about), and for me, I couldn’t be happier because for the first time in many, many years, my face is pretty much hairless!!!

I want to stress to all the scaredy cats like me out there that they should go to Ghitta. It’s a double act really: first Ghitta is a stunning operator with great technique and many years experience and the new wonder machine, what more can I say, I cannot recommend her highly enough. So to everyone out there who’s more hirsute than they want to be, forget trial and error, the fear factor and the pain of electrolysis, the cost and temporary nature of laser stop searching, stop plucking and go and see Ghitta, she’ll look after you.”


“I feel so fortunate to have met Ghitta; she has truly changed my life. Since my very early teens I have suffered from facial hair growth due to the hormonal condition, PCOS. In my early 20s I decided to try hair removal and tried laser which was horrible, expensive and most importantly, ineffective.

Following that disastrous adventure I reverted to the tried and true method of tweezing. Fast forward10 years and the birth of two children, the hair seemed to increase and I finally reached the point where I had enough. Who has the time to pluck hairs that shouldn’t even be there?! I still remember googling hair removal pcos and up came a website called Hair Tell. I learnt that in many cases laser treatments promote facial hair growth (true in my experience) and that electrolysis was the only permanent hair removal method. So electrolysis it was then! Who was good? Couldn’t find anything about an electrologist in Melbourne on Hair Tell at that stage, (obviously didn’t look hard enough), so I just booked an appointment at a beauty salon that offered electrolysis. How they convinced me to do ipl (another laser method) is absolutely beyond me?

It was when I got home and the tears were streaming down my face at being tricked into having laser again that I went onto ‘Hair Tell’ one more time. In the week since I had been on someone had asked a question about electrolysis in Melbourne and so many people were recommending Ghitta.
I looked her up and made an appointment for a consultation.

That was the day my life changed. I felt so at ease and confident that she could help me in my quest of facial hair removal because I could tell that she knew what she was doing. She was so informative about what electrolysis is and how long it would take to achieve results. She was spot on of course; the woman knows her stuff.

I wasn’t too sure if electrolysis would hurt. I heard that it did but this has not been my experience and I think this is because Ghitta’s equipment is top of the range. Only top quality service by Ghitta!

Now that the facial hair is gone she is clearing my under arms. I actually really enjoy my appointments with Ghitta, not only because she is so professional and caring, but because she gets results.”