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Womo.com.au review by Hairyc, Melbourne

“Ghitta is a world class professional electrologist who has an amazing technique and has dedicated her life to perfecting her art. The attention she pays to her work and hygiene is immaculate.

Before I met Ghitta, I had been going to another electrologist for about 18 months – the sessions with the previous electrologist were very painful due to the older machine and the previous electrologist would pluck the difficult hairs, which really annoyed me. Also I would get frequent bruising which was embarrassing and frustrating to cover up. Also the hair reduction wasn’t really working.

Prior to any electrolysis I had various laser and IPL sessions for approximately 4 years. My initial problem, and the reason why I resorted to laser on my face in the first place is because I had about three hairs on my chin (which I used to pluck) and my upper lip (which I used to wax). I had been getting laser treatment on my lower legs and underarms at the time and was so very happy with those results that during the same laser session, I asked them to quickly “zap” the few hairs on my chin and my upper lip, then said what the hell, if there are others I can’t see you may as well zap those too from neck up (even though there was nothing actually there).

Well, that was the biggest mistake I made because the laser treatment caused the problem to exacerbate a thousand fold. The laser was very effective on my upper lip but actually created a hair problem all over the rest of my face, including where I had NO hairs to begin with. If I had my time again, I would have chosen electrolysis over laser for my face. All I can say (based on personal experience rather than scientific fact) is that Laser/IPL is not effective for fine hairs, no matter how much they tell you it is. I have also had several laser treatments on my stomach and my thighs (both had very fine hairs) – and the hair did not reduce at all, in fact like my face, the effect of the laser and IPL on my stomach and thighs created/activated much more hairiness than my original state.

The only thing laser did for me (on the face, stomach and thighs), was to temporarily remove hairs for a 4-7 week period but then it would all grow back with a vengeance. The other thing I must stress here is the importance of the technique of the electrologist. They are not all the same, and experience doesn’t necessarily count. The previous electrologist I went to before Ghitta had several years experience, but the results were so slow and almost “ineffective” – previous was very quick, but would pluck and bruise me and the worst part about it was the pain associated with the old machine. Each session was so painful – all the while knowing that you’re paying money for something not quite working properly was so frustrating. Why didn’t I leave or go to someone else? I guess I didn’t know any better. That is until I went overseas.

Overseas they also recommended over there that I should have laser/IPL treatment on my face which I dared not do. I didn’t even entertain that suggestion for a single second. I persisted and found electrologists over there who happened to have new machines which as it turns out, were much less painful.

Because of this, when I returned back to Australia, I did a bit of research on the net and came across references to Ghitta a few times and read all the testimonials on her website. I was a little dubious but decided to give it a go. And SO GLAD I DID! She has the technique and experience to know what she is dealing with and does not give up on the hair. She diligently works away at each of the problem areas until they no longer become a problem! And I have not, over the course of my treatment, experienced a single bruise by Ghitta. Another important factor to mention, that recovery of electrolysis was quicker with Ghitta also. Her after care product really helped to reduce inflammation and quicken healing.

Ghitta has cleared all my face (bottom of neck up to top of cheekbones), and helped with other problem areas of my body such as thighs, all of my stomach, strays on my lower legs, underarms, around nipples, arms. The results achieved are steady and real. It doesn’t happen overnight but it happens if you hang in there. The pain is much less with the newer machine. You can still feel the zap but it ‘s nothing like the painful old machines. Thinking about all the heartache, effort and money I spent on laser on my face and substandard electrolysis before meeting Ghitta makes me a little sad, but no point looking back. I thought I would write about my experience so hopefully others with the same problems can benefit. I also want to thank my wonderful, pleasant Ghitta for making me hair free happy!”

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Womo.com.au review by Georginam3, South Kingsville

“After years of mostly unsuccessful electrolysis – Ghitta has solved my facial hair problem in a few visits. Exceptional results at a reasonable cost.”

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